The Hammam in #ShahiMahal at Mandu

Mandu was a thriving hill fort from the 6th century. It gained prominance under the Paramara dynasty in 11th and 12th.

Between 1401 and 1531 it was ruled by the Sultans of Malwa

It was beautiful that the Sultans of Malwa renamed the city of Mandu Shadiabad’ (City of Joy) and built palaces, mosques and tombs, gardens etc
‪#ShahiMahal built by Sultan Ghiyas-ud-Din Shah 1469–1500 is normally eclipsed by Jahaz Mahal but worth a visit for its exquisite ruins ‬

Especially when it’s raining, wind us blowing, and you are huddled under an umbrella trying to keep it from flying off


On a wet and misty morning we visited the Shahi Mahal in Mandu 

As we climbed #ShahiMahal steps I could see the glimpse of a tantalizing ceiling with sun and stars cut in it. There were 3 small domes, one bigger central and two smaller

Today we dream of exotic spas but the Sultans of Malwa were there before us.

The #hammam in #Mandu was a dream with its sun/star motif roofs.

What a gorgeous idea to let sun and rain filter through as one gets a hot oil massage.

I’m sure there must have been some wooden blocks to close the holes in case of inclement weather.

Two smaller side rooms one with flowing hot water and another where water was cooked through a tank have same roof pattern.

Fireplace for heating water with holes for steam to escape

Tank between two smaller rooms for storing and cooling water

More heating arrangements for water

Water channels for carrying water to all the rooms

This hammam was used by the Royal women and Nur Jahan and Rani Roopmati would have been amongst them

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