A healthy Mutton Stew 

, Sons Can Cook

I have lots of vegetables, what should I do?

As always Amma jumps in with a recipe so son/ daughter eats healthy.


1. 2 carrots diced in thick cubes

2. 1 Potato diced in thick cubes

3. 1 capsicum cut in thick quarters

4. 1 onion quartered

5. 1 radish diced in thick cubes

6. Mutton pieces ( bite sized) 1/2 kg

7. 2 bay leaves 

8. Few pepper corns & 1 tbsp of coarse my ground pepper

9. 1/2 cup of flour


Dust the meat and vegetable in flour. Do it separately.

Heat oil 

Add the mutton and stir for a bit.

Add vegetables and stir all for 5 min

Add salt, bay leaves and pepper corns

Add 1 cup of water and pressure cook. 

Once done add 1/2 cup water more and let it simmer.

Eat with thick slices of brown bread and (if you have worked out) butter.

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