Chapli Kebab

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1kg fine mince
Salt &red chilli p to taste
125 gm cornflour or maida
250 gm chopped tomatoes ( very firm ones)
2 eggs well beaten
Hara dhania & Hari mirch

Dry roast & grind
3 tbsp whole coriander seeds
6 tbsp anar dana

1. Add chopped tomatoes
chopped green chillies and coriander leaves to mince

2 Add crushed coriander seeds. Powdered anar dana. Salt to taste.
Leave for an hour

3. Add Some maida as binding agent and the eggs
Make thin flat cakes as they are easier to fry
Fry on high heat so it does not release water.
Serve with poodina raita

Note divide the ingredients  as per amount of keema
Also I don’t like garam masala as I feel it drowns the taste but you can add a bit if you so desire

Recipe sent by my aunt Mrs Rabab Naqvi

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