Chuqander ka Salan : Mutton with Beetroot

This dish is a perennial favourite in our house and not a very popular dish outside UP Muslim homes.

I think because traditionally meat was consumed in larger quantities than vegetables in older days, the ladies of the house came up with the idea of mixing vegetables in every meat dish. 

In our house the qorma is the only dish coked without vegetables and that’s only cooked on festive occasions


500 gm mutton

500 GM beetroots

2 large tomatoes 

1 onion slices finely

Paste of ginger garlic (2 tbsp)

1 onion ground

1 tsp haldi

1 tbsp dhania powder

Salt & mirch to taste

Green chillies and hara dhania for garnish


Grate the beetroots. I add the tomatoes in the food processor. You can chop the tomatoes instead

Heat oil in pressure cooker and add the sliced onion. Fry golden. Add all the ground masalas and powders.

Roast adding a little bit of water to prevent it from burning till oil leaves the side 

Add the meat and beetroot to the masala and pressure cook .

Once mutton is tender ( I pressure cook mutton for 20 min) open after steam escapes.

If there’s excess water cook it open and let it dry

Take out in serving bowl and garnish with chilli and hara dhania 

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