Dastarkhwan e Ramzan : Gulgule

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Contributed by Saba Bashir

Gulgule are an intrinsic part of the iftar in UP. Earlier, they were made every time the aata would turn khameer. Now a pinch of baking soda is added to do the trick šŸ˜ *Ingredients*:

Wheat flour – 1 cup

Sugar – 1/3 cup (this can vary depending on the sweetness required)

Baking soda – a pinch

Fennel seeds (saunf) – 3 teaspoon

Coconut- 3 teaspoon (preferabbly cut, else it can be grated too)


Mix all the ingredients with water (enough water to make a thick batter) and let it rest for about 5-6 hours so that the batter rises.

Deep fry the gulgule in hot ghee

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