Fish Korma

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Fish- 1 kg; clean n remove the skin; cut into pieces;soak in some vinegar for an hour
Make a paste of:
Posta Dana or khush khush- 2 tbsp
Choti Ilaichi – 2
Bari illaichi-1
Zeera -1/2 tsp
Mix with the dahi and then marinate the fish in this mixture for 2-3hrs.

Dhaniya pd- 3/4 tbsp
Garlic- one pod
Ginger- one inch pc
Kashmiri Mirch- 1/2tsp
Grind together n sieve to ensure it’s fine.
Salt to taste

Malai paste:
Cream or malai- 25gm
Juice of 1 lemon
Sugar- 1tsp
Almonds- 5-6 soaked n ground
Saffron soaked in keowra

1. In some ghee brown the ginger/garlic/Dhaniya masala.
2. Add the marinated fish; cover the deghchi n put some weight on it n cook on a slow fire for 5 minutes.
3. Remove cover, add malai paste;seal with some atta (dough) n cook till done.
Note : I am very fond of coconut and found that a bit of dessicated coconut ground to a paste (1 tsp) with the almond adds to the taste

Recipe by Mrs Sakina Hussain

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