Rahat-e-Jaan Chutney :Dastarkhwan-e-Ramzan

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This chutney was a favourite of he last Mughal Badshah Bahadur Shah Zafar and I found it in an old recipe book from 20th century. Its called Rahat-e-jaan meaning that which provides solace to the heart because of its nutritional ingredients.

Rahat e Jaan Chutney-

gajar (125 gm)

kamrak ( 125 gm)

lemon juice ( 250 gm)

pudina (mint) – 75 gm


lal mirch to taste

sugar- ½ kg

adrak – 50 gm

zeera & methi – 1 tsp


Chop finely and put in lemon juice. Marinate for a day

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