Shami Kabab

Shaami Kebab is one of the many local variants of the Kebab from Afghanistan and India. Shami Kebab has its origins in the word Shami( Meaning Evening in Dari, Hindi and Urdu languages) . Since it is eaten as a snack in the evening so the word is derived from this word. Some people claim its origins due to the word Shaam from Arab lands but no Arab cuisines has this variant at all so it is pretty much authentic local kebab of the North India specifically the Punjab region
One of the very popular theories of origin of #shamikabab is that a toothless Lucknow nabab who couldn’t chew meat yet craved for it, had invented it

Mince – 250gms
Chana Dal – little more than 50gms( 1/4th of qeema)
Ginger – 1/2 inch piece
Sabut red chilli – to taste
Onion- 1 small
Tezpat – 1
Laung – 2
Bari Ilaichi – 1
Pepper corns – 7
Zeera – 1/4th tsp
Potato – 1 large
Salt to taste
Wash & boil all the ingredients together in enough water to make it tender. Water should be dry when done. Throw the onion & grind the rest to a smooth paste.
Stuff each kabab with chopped onions, hara dhaniya,podina & green chillies. Fry on a slow flame till brown.

The mince mix and #shamiKabab should look like this if onion/gr chilli r stuffed inside
We used to do it on sil batta earlier as texture is better.


The stuffing should be very finely chopped
I add mint for a  tangy taste  #shamiKabab too


Fry on a slow flame till brown
Frying is tricky. Has to be on slow flame putting tbsp oil at a time only


Serve it garnished with onion rings, green chilli, mint
Accompaniment green pudina/hara dhania chutney


Using the same ingedients for vegetarian #shamikabab substitute mince meat with beans& potatoes.
Kaththal / unripe raw bananas
Follow exaxtly same procedure

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