Sheikh Salahuddin Darvesh

A 14 th century Saint who had got buried in his khanqah which was in the middle of a jungle now finds himself sleeping amidst a concrete jungle of Green Zone, Savitri Nagar.

His uniqueness was that he never held back and protested the atrocities of Sultan Mohd bin Tughlaq very vociferously.

The entrance to it is used by car mechanics. Don’t get put off and just walk or drive straight in.

Most of the jungle has been cut but one can see broken graves amongst the  trees there

There were jaalis which have disappeared

There are two graves with no tombstones 

It’s neat and clean but the masjid committee doesn’t encourage visitors so no siyasi, candles or incense sticks here.

This mosque built on site of medieval mosque

There are people living inside the compound and two abandoned gumbad S used as store rooms.

The cenotaph have disappeared 

abandoned in death

Wonder who built it and with what emotiins

The doir is a later additiin but the level of the tomb must have been higher

when the living have no place seems unfair the dead should have so kuch space

a tomb


Dead dreams

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