Traditional Qiwam ki siwain

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Sewain 1/2 kg
Sugar 1/2 kg + little less than 1 cup of water
Mawa/ khowa 1/4kg- brown till light golden brown
Cook the sugar, water n a lil colour – not too thick syrup.
Add browned khowa – keep aside.
In some ghee add 3-4 choti illaichi n 3-4 Laung.
Add the sewain n bhuno till lightish golden.
Add about 11/2 cup hot milk ..cook a little.
Add the sugar syrup n cook again fr a bit. Add keowra n dry fruits.

Tip : Make the syrup in very little water n milk really hot so that d sewain gets soft n cooked immediately But if u find that ur sewain hard or what we call akar gai अकड गई then don’t worry just add some warm milk cover d degchi put weight put on “dum” It will become absolutely ok


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