Khichda in pictures

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Khichda made with 7 types of cereals and grains. Has a rough texture with everything whole but we’ll cooked.

Haleem is a paste made by beating the meat and mashing the cereals and grains. Also 7 types aren’t used always

Fry 4 onions. Onions should not be too brown or the masala looks dull and brownish. Remove 3/4 for garnish

Add masala – paste of 1 onion, ginger garlic (2tbsp)

Haldi 1 tbsp , Mitch to taste. My personal opinion if nose doesn’t run and eyes don’t water from the chilli it’s not worth calling it a khichda!

Lazy cooks use too much oil as roasting time is reduced

Should look like this when masala is done. Bright and oil has left sides.

Meat can be substituted by soya chunks for vegetarians

Keep meat aside

Cook the dals and cereals together with haldi and salt

Now mix meat and dals add 3 tbsp of Shaan masala for haleem( but only the powder not the pulses)

Cook for 15 min


Serve with lemon wedges, fried onions, ginger julienne, hara dhania and hari mirch


for exact recipe check

Khichda on #DastarkhwaneRamzan

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